✨Alacatzam ✨

Alacatzam is a 3D fantasy hidden object game that revolves around crafting potions from collected items in order to continue exploring the magical tower. You play as Purrlin, a wizardly cat who has dedicates his life to the pursuit of chaos.

✨Download the game here✨


Meet Purrlin

The aspiring  cat mage with a penchant for mischief and exploration. 

Explore a wizardy tower and collect magical items with strange powers

Brew potions with unpredictable results. Will the potion change gravity? Will it simply blow up? Who knows? Certainly not Purrlin

Use Purrlin’s penchant for mischief to your advantage to find unique ways to solve the puzzles of the tower

About the Team

Devon Crete

Role: Character modeling and animation, environment design, and 2D asset artist


Jaina Modisett

Role: Sole programmer, game designer, potion maker extrodinaire


Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 11.53.34 AM

Avery Autumns

Role: Environment design, texture artist, and character rigging 


Special thanks to Efi Nibo, Miriam Kac, and Nate Andrade for providing music, and Andrew French and Emily Dolan for their soundwork.