And Beyond

And Beyond is a game where you play as an astronaut exploring a new galaxy. You must leap from planet to planet in search of your broken ship parts and interact with an alien species.

Enjoy flying from planet to planet solving simple puzzles and exploring the galaxy!

Actual Gameplay Footage:

And Beyond was made for our senior capstone project at DePaul University. We are a team of four made up of two game programmers and two designers. Our programmers are Antonio DeFrancesco and Jason Kappes. Our designers are Yongfeng Ruan and David Yonamine.

Development Tools: This game was created using Unity and can be played on PC. 

And Beyond Development Team Members:
- David Yonamine
- Yongfeng Ruan
- Jason Kappes
- Antonio DeFrancesco

Design Pillars:

Exploration – We wanted the planets to be large enough so that the player could look around on each one of them but also small enough that they didn’t need to spend too much time on one particular planet. We also added larger planets as a center for other orbiting planets so that the player could have a better sense of direction in the world since these planets would always be in one place.

Simplicity – We wanted this game to be family friendly and easy to pick up for people who don’t usually play video games. We didn’t want to have complex system with pin point precision movements, we wanted our game to be relaxing to play.

Invested – We wanted to make sure that our team was working on a project that we all would enjoy for the next 20+ weeks so we spent a lot of time finding something that each of us was interested in. We went through a number of different ideas then eventually landed on some sort of game that used gravity as a core mechanic in the game. After that we went through a few more ideas and landed on this planet traversal game, something that each of us found interesting.