Bandit On'a Bridge

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Bandit On’a Bridge is a 2D, surreal comedy experience that focuses on diverting expectations and items combinations. The world consists of doodles and paper cut outs and The goal is to reach the other side of a bridge while avoiding a bandit named Bob.

Meet The Team

Robert Flores


Hello there, I had the responsibilities of organizing and managing the teams progress and pipeline throughout the project’s time frame. Kept organization through the use of multiple game documents as well as using Taiga for project management. I made UI assets for the cover of the game in Adobe Illustrator as well as lead direction for the game’s level designs and overall tone of the game. I wanted to focus on keeping the game looking as appealing as possible as well as making sure all cosmetic assets stayed consistent throughout all our levels so that players can enjoy all the work my team and I have put into our project.

Tony Marino

Head Programmer

Hi, I am the lead programmer for Bandit on a Bridge, my job was to make sure everything came together and worked properly. My experience before this project was primarily on Unreal projects or C++ projects, most prominently my work with the DePaul Original Game Studio. It was a bit of a challenge shifting from Unreal to Unity, but I came to understand it after working with it for more than 20 weeks. Though our game was lighthearted in nature, the premise provided multiple varied and interesting challenges. This was due to the seeming change in genre and mechanics over time, creating interesting challenges of how to integrate it all into a more general game loop. The main way we did this was by focusing on an Item System which allows for varied items to carry out their own actions on objects with “Interactable” scripts attached to them. These could then handle different reactions based on the item ID for that level. Overall, it was a good experience in long term group projects and how to manage scheduling of diverse goals/expectations.

Samuel He

Supporting Programmer

Gameplay and systems programming.

Austin S.

Supporting Programmer

Hi there! I acted as a programmer and a writer on this project. The second and fourth levels were where I shined the most. Through working on Bandit on’a Bridge, I gained a better understanding of Unity and its processes. With my new found knowledge, I am excited to see what more I can do. For now, though, enjoy what we put our hearts into!

Valerie Kolb

Sound Designer

Hi everyone, in most projects, I am on both the design and sound teams. For Bandit On’a Bridge, I was mainly focused on sound. I recorded all sound effects on either a Zoom F8 MultiTrack field recorder or a Zoom H4n Pro field recorder. Everything was edited and mixed in ProTools and then sent to the programming team with a sound document for implementation. The song was composed on a piano and engraved in MuseScore. I imported the midi file into Logic Pro X and made different arrangements to fit different moods of the game. The general theme is medieval, but I provided a piano-only arrangement, a medieval chamber group arrangement, and a heavy metal arrangement. For this release of the game, only the piano arrangement and a more…distorted arrangement are used. Thanks for playing!

Zach Proffitt


Hello, I am the main artist of Bandit on a Bridge. For this project, I made the majority of assets seen in game as well as backgrounds. To accomplish this task, I eventually settled on drawing assets out on physical paper before either taking a photo or scanning it, and then editing them in Photoshop to fit what we needed in game. This was all done to ensure that our game retained a simple style that matched the atmosphere of our game, and also cut down on time as it was far easier to produce hand-drawn art that could be altered with simple effects and movement.