Escape Homepage

It’s late at night, and you’ve finally got the house to yourself so you can enjoy a relaxing round of Plant Protector. Watching your crops grow and defending them from the cute bugs is always a nice escape from reality. However, it seems like every time you take your headset off something in the room is different…

Escape is a game about multitasking. You must split your focus between protecting your crops in your “VR” game and checking on the mysterious happenings in your home. You can switch freely between the view of the game and your room. The “VR” avatar will match the position of the character in the real world. Protect your garden from bugs while keeping your cool in the “Real World” to get through the night! (and watch out for the cat)

Kat Alexis – Designer/Narrative

Ethan Barnedo – Sound FX

Jake Barnes – Programmer

Omar Cruz – Artist

Quinn Davis – Artist

Michael Gardner – Audio Lead/Original Music

Miriam Kac – Original Music

Christian Valderrama – 

Michael Vanderwerf – Programmer

Aaren Welt – Animator/Artist

Katherine Zhang – Designer/Narrative Design