Meatball Man

Follow Meatball Man on his adventure as he travels through three kingdoms to find the best ingredients in the world. With him, he has his trusty noodle that he uses to get over any obstacle.

Meet the Dev Team

John Mulligan

From fan games to virtual escape rooms, I have followed game production for the majority of my time at DePaul. For Meatball Man, I managed task boards in Taiga Agile development software and held scrum meetings with the team during class, on top of sound design. With a keen eye on predicting development challenges and a focus on creating a sense of community, I hope to follow game production as my career path.

Johnathan Yau

I am the UI designer who made the option menus as well as the start screen and the pause screen for Meatball man. I also had a hand in creating the credit scene with all the members’ names and roles they were given with another member of the group. A little bit about myself, I started to play video games when I was in preschool with the first console being the Playstation 1. After playing games for so long, it lit a passion to think about how video games were made as well as work on creating my own unique games to share with others.

Matthew Schoepke

Hello, My name is Matthew Schoepke. I am a Game designer, most of my work on this game was for Level Design and general game Design. I did a little bit with production but not a ton. I am a gamer at heart and love to do everything with video games. My true passion is making people smile and laugh. No matter what form of media that is my true passion. I hope to one day be able to make as many people’s days better and hope to have a great time in the process.

Joshua Tinoco

Hello, I’m Joshua Tinoco. I am a 3D artist primarily modeling environments and props. I was tasked with creating the art for the surreal landscapes found in the game. I also worked alongside other level designers to put together each level. I’ve always had an interest to explore and be able to study things such as culture and architecture. I would also sketch out designs for props and background settings. As an environment artist, I hope to capture things we see in reality and incorporate them into environments for games or films. I want people to be absorbed into these virtual settings.

George Persaud

I’m George Persaud, a burgeoning game designer and writer. I wrote the intro and outro for this game, as well as assisted in level design. I am a story minded designer who wants to bring character driven and exciting experiences to the games industry. I hope to contribute my own unique style and creativity to every project I contribute to. I am equally passionate about making games as fun as possible, and telling the most entertaining stories. Since Meatball Man’s story is inherently silly, it was a lot of fun to work on, and I hope that fun was apparent when playing. Enjoy!

Gabriel Roselieb

My name is Gabe Roselieb and I worked on the 3d models for the environment and the model and animations for the pot enemy. The Fast Food Fortress models and the kitchen model are my most noticeable contributions. I also created the image for the title screen. After I graduate I hope to be given the opportunity to work as a 3d modeler and animator in the industry.

Natalie Manwaring

Hiya! I’m Nat, a 3D technical artist working in Chicago, IL. My work on this project included the original character concept for Meatball Man, his rig and animations, post-processing and prop work, and the opening & closing cutscenes. My hope is that people can get a kick out of this game; I got a kick out of working on it!

Nicholas Baltis

I am the lead programmer for meatball man. I built the logic most of the various systems such as the platforms and player movement. As the primary programmer I also dealt with the integration of most systems from the other developers with the code.

Meet the Sound Team

Andrew French

Composer of the entire Meatball Man soundtrack including the main level themes and cutscenes. I’m a freelance composer & Double Bassist.

Christian Ortega

I’m Christian and I’m a part of the sound team. I’m a sound designer who worked on cutscenes, Meatball Man main character, & environments. I have a passion for finding & creating sounds to fit perfectly into video game worlds. As a sound designer, my hope is to make video games sound fun, interesting, & enhance visuals with my own creative & original sounds, while paying homage to classic & retro video game sounds.

Jonah Fiden

I love all things sound, especially in video games!

Andee Call

I’m Andee Call, a sound designer, writer, and improvisor. I was tasked with creating sounds for the Meatball Man environment and leading the Music/Audio Team. My goal was to embody the landscape of Meatball Man by enhancing it with colorful sound effects and music. I collaborated and advised our Music/Audio team to deliver the best SFX and composition. I would also keep in close contact with the Core Team to make sure our sounds reflected the world of Meatball Man properly. As a sound designer, I strive to create an audibly sound environment that immerses the player into the realm they are exploring.

Thomas Price

My name is Thomas Price. I was a sound designer on Meatball Man. I designed the sounds for the pot enemy, created some of the ambiences, and worked on the intro cutscene. I also helped play test the game for the developers. In addition to doing sound design work I also work as a cinematographer, mostly shooting short films.