After crash landing elsewhere in the Solar System, the player finds themselves stranded inside an abandoned facility which holds their only hope of escape. The horrors they encounter within quickly prevent them from being able to leave. The only choice is to move forward, face down the monsters within and escape the nightmare they are in. The facility itself is crumbling apart and rogue AI’s continue to increase in aggression and intensity as the player ventures further inside. As they proceed into it they discover the tragedy of what occurred there as they frantically run from and fight the terrors within in order to survive and escape.

About the Game

Umbra is a First-Person Shooter that bundles horror and sci-fi elements in a fight for your life within an abandoned facility to escape the solar system that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Using your weapons, movement, and magic system, you must explore deeper into the facility, discovering its secrets in order to survive and face the horrors that lay within.

Meet the Team

Charles Bowman – Designer, 3D Artist, VFX Artist, Producer

Nelson Schneider – Designer, 3D Artist, Producer

Ty Victorson – Programmer

Razan Eltayeb – Sound Designer

Gabriel Hurst – Designer, Lighting Artist, 3D Artist

Kenny Mok – 3D Artist, Rigger, Animator

Adam Martinez – 2D Artist

Austin Castillo – Designer, 3D Artist

Leon Tanlim – Designer, 3D Artist





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